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5. Luxury with Smart Systems

'Functional' Luxury

Every Bliss Mobil unit is fitted with high quality equipment to guarantee your safety and comfort. Safety comes first, for example, by cooking with electric the dependence on potentially dangerous gas bottles is eliminated and there are no open flames. Although safety comes first our units also supply a lot of 'functional' luxury.


For example: air-conditioning, induction stove, convection oven/micowave/grill, Nespresso coffee machine, kitchen hood, wine glass rack, ceramic toilet seperate from the shower etc. All these things are included and designed for your comfort and personal well-being and to make you feel at home while travelling in remote areas.

Smart Systems

Although the Bliss Mobil unit has numerous technically advanced functionalities, we don’t want our customers to be a technician to operate them. Through the smart home automation system, you can control functionalities via a user-friendly interface on your tablet or smartphone. It also gives you a complete monitor and control panel for temperature levels at strategic locations preventing overheating, the status of the batteries, water tank levels and the security camera footage. The unit is standard equipped with own Wi-Fi and with an external Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS connection you can monitor and control remotely, which is essential if you are not around. 


Like most functionalities in the Bliss Mobil unit there is also a backup for the smart home automation, which is the override panel. On this panel everything can be centrally switched on/off with manually operated buttons.

As a benefit of standardization all functionalities, the use of backup s, regular checks and maintenance and ‘what-if’ situations are documented in detail, available and updated on the customer portal.


Essential functionalities are implemented with parallel backup systems, easy to switch over and crucial areas of maintenance are easily and readily accessible.