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7. Support & Online Customer Portal

After Sales Support & Service
Our support & service team is dedicated to helping you fully enjoy and make correct use of your Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle beginning with an extensive training course on the day of delivery. We will explain how to use your Bliss Mobil and talk you through the complete electrical and water circuit.


Even more important: our service & support continues after the delivery of your vehicle. Whether you have questions about how to maintain certain parts or should you be looking for accessories, we are happy to assist you.


VRM Portal
When connected to the internet you are able to receive a lot of useful and important data from the Bliss Mobil. Through the online VRM portal (Victron Remote Management) you can remotely monitor the battery status, solar yield and energy consumption. This way you are always up to date and able to take appropriate action if needed. Optionally we can remotely monitor your vehicle status and help you better understand your energy consumption.

Online Customer Portal

When using email, in time communication and files tend to be scattered over different mails and contacts. Therefore we prefer to use an online customer portal. The Bliss Mobil Customer Portal offers you all documents, drawings, pictures, invoices etc. in one central location including an easy messaging tool to ask questions, place a comment or simply reply. All customer support & service goes through our Customer Portal. The Bliss Mobil Customer Portal is available to all Bliss Mobil owners.


Via the Customer Portal our support team assist our customers in situations of troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, service requests, sales requests etc.