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2. All-in-one Box

The body has been designed like a container, therefore all functions are safely secured and stored inside the box or within the outer dimensions of the unit. The 60 mm sandwich walls ensure high quality insulation in the most extreme temperature conditions. Electric floor heating makes sure everything inside the box is protected from frost. The electric induction cooker eliminates dependence on potentially dangerous gas bottles. On top of this, there are no open flames, reducing the risk of fire.

Another in-house developed feature of the "All-in-one box" concept is the aluminum jet-like retractable staircase. The stairs hinge inwards and can be safely stored inside the unit when on the go or being used independently. This to ensure that the unit maintains its independence and is totally functional without the truck.


The solar panels on the roof are mounted on the lowered roof within the outer dimensions of the box. The panels are therefor well protected from impact of overhanging trees or branches.