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Garage with platform lift (long bed model)

The 18 foot long bed model comes with an interior garage (5.37m3) and automated lift platform. The lift platform is capable of loading 500 kg of cargo from the ground into the garage at the touch of a single button. The interior garage guarantees not only safe and clean storage for your additional modes of transportation, but also enables quick handling of cargo through the unique automated lift system. The garage offers enough storage space for a full-size 4x4 ATV, a small motorbike or a set of bicycles.

Garage with platform lift Garage with platform lift

The steel doors can also be opened automatically at the touch of a single button as well. The advantage of an internal garage is that your vehicles and belongings are safely and cleanly stored. The garage can be heated separately in cold temperature situations. Another important advantage, in comparison to racks or carriers that are generally mounted on the back of a vehicle, here there is no unnecessary weight at the back of the Bliss Mobil unit, maintaining maximum off-road capability and ground clearance.