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Truck alternator

Besides the abundant capacity of the solar system, power can also be generated by the truck’s alternator. The alternator functions as a back-up power generation source. The average alternator will supply about 70A on 24v (truck depended), due to smart regulation of the connector device. The alternator cable with NATO plug is the only cable connecting the Bliss Mobil vehicle to the unit.

Alternator Mercedes Zetros Alternator Mercedes Zetros NATO plug connecting the alternator NATO plug connecting the alternator Alternator MAN TGM Alternator MAN TGM

In case of emergency and the truck batteries fail this connection can also be used to start the truck using the Bliss Mobil batteries. 

In addition to the alternator a silent and compact, yet powerful, 3 kW mobile generator with a remote start function can be mounted for emergencies, providing a third source of power.