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20 foot four bed

The 20 foot four bed model is equipped with a fixed full-size comfortable double bed, two fixed single beds, a six-person U-shaped couch (convertible into a double bed), and a fully equipped kitchen with a spacious countertop with integrated induction cooker. The lavatory and bathroom are separated and both positioned opposite the bunk bed. When set at 90 degrees, the door of the shower doubles as a divider between the living and sleeping area.


The bunk beds are smartly combined with multiple storage options. There are three overhead lockers above the bunk bed and drawers underneath. This way there is almost no loss of available storage space.

20 foot four bed (floorplan) 20 foot four bed (floorplan) 20 foot four bed (side view) 20 foot four bed (side view) Bunk beds combined with storage Bunk beds combined with storage Bunk beds Bunk beds

At the back you will find two steel doors that can hold two spare tyres and which gives you access to the quad garage. The quad garage is equipped with an automated lift platform. The lift platform is capable of easily loading 500 kg of cargo from the ground into the garage. The garage offers enough storage space for a full-size 4x4 quad.