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13 foot unit – Standard

Without a vehicle

Bliss Mobil is offering in consignment a 13 foot Standard Bliss Mobil. 

Asking price: € 180.000,- excluding vat (21%)
Year: June 2020 Bliss Mobil 13

Overall weight: 2000 kg (dry weight unit)
Overall dimensions: 4100 x 2270 x 2236 mm
Color: RAL7004 Signalgrau
Location: The Netherlands

Unit details


3 people


Lithium-Ion batteries with BMS (400 A, >10 Kwh, 24 Volt)

Solar 1 kW (4x Solar panels small)


280 Liter fresh water

170 Liter grey water

140 Liter black water


Air conditioning

Floor heating

Diesel airheating

Frost protection

Dry weight

2000 kg (Unit dry weight)

A true expedition unit with the luxury of home

A 13 foot unit Standard Bliss Mobil is equipped with a fixed, full-size comfortable bed in the back of the unit. The compact couch comfortably seats two persons and can also be converted to a spacious, single bed. If needs be, this unit sleeps a maximum of three people comfortably when the seating area is converted to a bed.

The kitchen is located directly opposite the entrance door and right next to the seating area. The well equipped kitchen is fitted with a Fenix countertop, cabinets and a microwave which also has an oven and grill function. The two induction hobs and stove hood ensure that the kitchen meets all your cooking requirements.

The 13 foot standard is a perfect unit for a couple traveling together that wants a compact unit, but still likes to have a fixed bed with a large garage.

The lavatory and bathroom are separated by a glass door that doubles as a room divider when set at an angle of 90 degrees. This way, both the bed and the seating area can be used at the same time without bothering one another.

The garage is located underneath the fixed bed in the back. This large storage area can be accessed from the outside on both sides thanks to the big hatches which hinge upwards. This clean and protected storage area is large enough to store foldable bikes, outdoor gear, clothing, tools and much more.

The standard layout comes with the large 280 Liter freshwater tank, which combined with 400 Ah, 24V Lithium batteries, and 1 kW solar panels, it truly gives the “Freedom of Independence ”!

Technical specifications

Product Code: Z1395
Product Name: 13 foot unit – Standard


Outside Dimensions (L x W x H) 4100 x 2270 x 2236 mm
Total Dry Weight 2000 kg
Wall Thickness and Insulation Value 60 mm, 0.396 K.m2/W
Roof Hatches Roof hatch large 1x (650 x 400 mm), Roof hatch small 1x
(660 x 250 mm)
Windows Windows medium 5x (820 x 500 mm)
Inside Garage Dimensions (L x W x H) 2128 x 800 x 837 mm
Garage Hatch (L x W) 2x hatch large (990 x 600 mm)


Maximal Solar Power 1 kW, (4x Solar panels small)
Batteries Lithium-Ion batteries with BMS (400 A, >10 Kwh, 24 Volt)
Inside Power Connections 7x 230 Volt, 12x USB
Outside Power Connections 24 Volt Truck connection, 24 Volt Motorbike carrier supply
Connection Box Power Connections 230 Volt Shore power charging, 230 Volt supply, 2x USB, 1x
12 Volt


Fresh Water Tank Capacity 280 Liter
Grey Water Tank Capacity 170 Liter
Black Water Tank Capacity 140 Liter
Boiler Capacity 20 liter, 1.2 kW
Outside Water In/Out Connection Hot and cold water connections
Water Filters 1x Sediment water filter & 2x UV water filter & 1x Active carbon water filter
Fresh Water Pump 11.3l /m, 2.1 bar


Main Bed Configuration Bed over the garage (2000 x 1400 mm)
Couch Configuration Short couch
Couch Bed 2000 x 855 mm
Additional Bed Configuration N/A
Kitchen Countertop Fenix worktop with 2 induction hobs (1050 x 622 mm)
Stove 2 induction hobs
Combi Oven Microwave, Oven, Grill
Fridge 75 Liter, compressor fridge
Freezer 45 Liter
Extractor Hood with carbon filter
Shower and Toilet Configuration separate shower and toilet (680 x 600 x 1900 mm)
Toilet Ceramic macerator water toilet


Air Heater 0.9 – 2.0 kW, Diesel
Air Conditioning 2.4 kW, 8200 Btu/h, 230 Volt – 1.7 kW heating capacity
Floor Heating 0.4 kW, 24 Volt
Frost Protection 0.25 kW, 24 Volt


Connectivity Global Wifi router with 4G, 6 dBi, GPS, DAB+ Radio with built in Stereo speakers


ZA154 Chemist’s Cabinet – SC
ZA174 Medicine Cabinet Lavatory
ZA178 Kitchen Set – SC
ZA153 Box storage system for garage
ZA218 360° view IR-camera system
ZA226 Additional exterior lighting
ZA143 Built in vacuum cleaner
ZA176 Foldable Table System Couch – SC
ZA132 Folding Sink
ZA147 Security safe with numeric locking
ZA136 Washing Machine
ZXC1322-07 Additional airline rails in garage