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20 foot unit – Low Bed XL Kitchen - SOLD!

MAN TGS 26.500 6X6 BB Doka

Bliss Mobil is offering in consignment a 20 foot – Low Bed XL Kitchen Bliss Mobil unit mounted on a MAN TGS 26.500 6X6 BB Doka.

Asking price: €625.000,- private sale
Year: 2019 Bliss Mobil 20′ (2019 MAN TGS 26.500 6X6 BB Doka)

Overall weight: 18300kg
Overall dimensions: 10060 x 2438 x 3900 mm
Color: RAL 7030 Steingrau
Location: Breitbrunn am Chiemsee, Germany

Unit details


6 people


Lithium-Ion batteries with BMS (800 A, >20 Kwh, 24 Volt)

2 kW, (4x Solar panels large & 2x Solar panels small)


550L fresh water

240L grey water

145L black water


Air conditioning

Floor heating

Diesel airheating

Frost protection

Dry weight


A true expedition vehicle with the luxury of home

This 20 foot Low Bed XL Kitchen model is equipped with a fixed  2.000 x 1.600 mm size comfortable double bed, at a comfortable height (1100 mm) and additional head room in the bed, a six-person U-shaped couch (convertible into a double bed), and a fully equipped spacious XL kitchen. The Unit is also equipped with our lifting bed in the front, above the seating area, which means that up to 6 people can be accommodated in this case.

The 20 foot Bliss Low Bed has a spacious garage (900 mm height) with large side hatches.

The kitchen is located directly opposite the entrance door and next to the seating area. The well equipped kitchen is outfitted with a Fenix countertop, plenty of storage capacity and a multi-functional microwave. The four induction hobs and stove hood ensure that the kitchen meets all your cooking requirements. A large fridge and deep freezer also included with the standard equipment. The lavatory and bathroom are separated. When set at 90 degrees, the door of the shower doubles as a divider between the living and sleeping area. To bring an alternative way of transport with you, the unit is also provides our motorbike carrier. The aluminium carrier can hold up to 500kg and thus can easily hold a motorbike and a spare wheel.

This layout comes with a 550 Liter freshwater tank, which combined with 800 Ah, 24V Lithium batteries, and 2 kW solar panels, it truly gives the “Freedom of Independence”!

Truck details




2 x 400L (diesel)


D2676LF66 - 500 PS / 368 KW EURO6

ZF 16 S 253 OD transmission

6*6 configuration


2 air suspension seats front

2 seats in the second row (Doka)

Technical specifications

Product Code:Z2093
Product Name:20′ Unit – Low Bed XL Kitchen


Outside Dimensions (L x W x H)6059 x 2438 x 4200 mm
Total Dry Weight4200 kg
Wall Thickness and Insulation Value60 mm, 0.396 K.m2/W
Roof HatchesRoof hatch large 1x (650 x 400 mm)
WindowsWindows large 5x (1000 x 600 mm)
Inside Garage Dimensions (L x W x H)2298 x 1350 x 893 mm
Garage Hatch (L x W)2x hatch large (990 x 600 mm)


Maximal Solar Power2 kW, (4x Solar panels large & 2x Solar panels small)
BatteriesLithium-Ion batteries with BMS (800 A, >20 Kwh, 24 Volt)
Inside Power Connections7x 230 Volt, 12x USB
Outside Power Connections24 Volt Truck connection, 24 Volt Motorbike carrier supply
Connection Box Power Connections230 Volt Shore power charging, 230 Volt supply, 2x USB, 1x 12 Volt


Fresh Water Tank Capacity550 Liter
Grey Water Tank Capacity240 Liter
Black Water Tank Capacity145Liter
Boiler Capacity20 liter, 1.2 kW
Outside Water In/Out ConnectionHot and cold water connections
Water Filters1x Sediment water filter & 2x UV water filter & 1x Active carbon water filter
Fresh Water Pump11.3l /m, 2.1 bar


Main Bed ConfigurationBed over the garage (2000 x 16000 mm)
Couch ConfigurationU-shape couch
Couch Bed2000 x 1450 mm
Additional Bed ConfigurationN/A
Kitchen CountertopFenix worktop with 4 induction hobs (1597 x 622 mm)
Stove4 induction hobs
Combi OvenMicrowave, Oven, Grill
Fridge133 Liter, compressor fridge
Freezer55 Liter
Extractor Hoodwith carbon filter
Shower and Toilet Configurationseparate shower and toilet (800 x 775 x 2010 mm)
ToiletCeramic macerator water toilet


Air Heater1.5 – 4.0 kW, Diesel
Air Conditioning2.4 kW, 8200 Btu/h, 230 Volt – 1.7 kW heating capacity
Floor Heating0.6 kW, 24 Volt
Frost Protection0.3 kW, 24 Volt


ConnectivityGlobal Wifi router with 4G, 6 dBi, GPS, DAB+ Radio with built in Stereo speakers


ZA173High Bed over the couch (LC)
ZA191Extra cabinet between shower and kitchen
ZA154Chemist’s Cabinet – SC
ZA52020′ Foot Torsion free subframe
ZA451Motorbike tire carrier
ZA468Second Motorbike Kit
ZA218360° view IR-camerasystem
ZA226Additional exterior lighting
ZA177Kitchen Set – LC
ZA103TÜV Wohnmobil alterations Unit side
ZA120Watermaker 120 liters/hour 24V
ZA505Outdoor Kitchen Large
ZA276US Charging (Charging 110V)
ZA205Underside Coating with Rubber
ZA468Second Motorbike Kit
ZA218360° view IR-camerasystem
ZA226Additional exterior lighting
ZA177Kitchen Set – LC
ZA103TÜV Wohnmobil alterations Unit side
ZA120Watermaker 120 liters/hour 24V
ZA505Outdoor Kitchen Large
ZA276US Charging (Charging 110V)
ZA205Underside Coating with Rubber
ZA949Rear Fenders (4 Pcs.)
ZA210Truck Cabin passage
ZA211Unit passage
ZA616Diesel heater connected to truck tank
ZA153Box storage system for garage

MAN TGS 26.500 6X6 BB Doka


  • Engine / Cooling /

Engine D2676LF66 – 500 PS / 368 KW EURO6 SCR – 2500

Nm C-R OBD-C without torque red. exception
approval required. (018G4)

Water cooler and charge air cooler up to 35° ambient
temperature extended (027AW)
Visco fan (116AE)
Heat exchanger for gearbox (116EK)
Air baffle against dust swirling (118AC)

Engine number and engine type also on crankshaft housing
housing, stamped on oil module side for China (118AZ)
Short bearing base (engine only) (118EK)
EDC engine regulation (118MA)
Fuel filter (124AL)
Additional fuel filter, heated/water separator (124AT)
Heater for fuel filter (124EA)
Connection for external speed control (ZDR) (203EK)

Control module for external data exchange (KSM) with
mounting functionality (203ER)
2-cylinder air compressor 720 ccm (205AB)
Controlled rocker arm brake (EVBec) (208AL)
Flame start system (210AA)
Reinforced DTE 430 single disc clutch (211FQ)
Stone guard in front of radiator (280EU)
Engine start and stop device under front flap (280HD)
Engine capsule (33VAC)
Cruise control (345EA)
COP document (542BC)
Euronorm emissions certificate (542BK)
International registration documentation (COC) (542DA)
National registration documentation Germany (542DH)
Bodybuilder information sheet (542DT)
Noise measure 82 dB (92/97EWG) Offroad (542FB)

  • Intake system

Exhaust system Air intake raised with dry air filter (201AS)

Exhaust on the right side with floor outlet, offset to the rear
offset to the rear (206KF)

  • Gearbox

Gearbox ZF 16 S 253 OD (022WO)

  • Transfer case

Transfer case G253 (146KL)

  • Power take-offs

Electrical preparation for retrofitting a power take-off (308CB)

  • Front axle /Front springs front axle VP-09 driven (025MS)
    Front springs parabolic 9.5 t (026EF)
    Differential lock in front axle with buzzer (037CB)
    Limited steering ability with diff. lock engaged
    in VA(037CM)
    Front wheel drive cannot be disengaged (146AH)
    Front axle ventilation raised (227AA)
    High design (281AA)
    Attention: Loss of ride comfort due to front springs (284LV)
    Stabiliser for front axle (363AA)
  • Rear axle /
    Rear springs Rear springs Parabolic 10.5 t (028NA)
    Double axle attachment (028PA)
    Rear axle AP HPD-1382/HP-1352 (034MH)
    Differential lock in rear axle (037AC)
    Rear axle ventilation raised (227AC)
    Stabiliser on both rear axles (362AH)
    Gear ratios AP Axle ratio i = 4.00 (035KL)
    Wheels Wheels disc 10-hole 9.00-22.5 on 1.VA TL (038GG)
    Wheels disc 10-hole 9.00-22.5 on 1.HA TL (038PG)
    Wheels disc 10-hole 9.00-22.5 on 2nd HA TL (038RG)
    Without spare wheel (038XT)
    Without spare wheel holder (245XX)
  • Tyres
    Front axle 2 * MI 14,00R20 XZL+ TL 166&160 G
    81#R0080626 Michelin GELAENDE tyres
    Rear axle 2 * MI 14,00R20 XZL+ TL 166&160 G tyres
    81#R0080626 Michelin GELAENDERear axle 2 2 * MI 14,00R20 XZL+ TL 166&160 G
    81#R0080626 Michelin GELAENDE
    Spare wheel 1 * MI 14,00R20 XZL+ TL 166&160 G
    81#R0080626 Michelin GELAENDE
  • Fuel tank

Fuel tank 300l short left and 35l AdBlue (023JC)
Fuel tank attachment (03KAA)
Strainer for fuel tank (123CC)
U-parts for fuel tank (123HE)

Lockable fuel tank cap – 1 ventilated for simultaneous locking
locking (303AX)
AdBlue tank cap lockable 1 piece (303CC)

  • Steering

Steering arrangement left (001AA)
Steering wheel adjustable in height and angle (030EE)
ZF steering (030FA)
Steering wheel lock with immobiliser (256AF)

  • Frame

wheelbase 3900+1400 mm (005NW)
Rear frame overhang 2050 mm (006LY)
Round rear underride guard (230AH)
Without front underride guard (230XW)
Without side protection device (230YX)
Three-part steel bumper (233EM)
2 shackles on front frame (234HC)

Cross member for trailer coupling (236AF)
Bolted bridge mounting bracket (241AH)

  • Trailers and Fifth wheel couplings Towing coupling


  • Brakes

MAN BrakeMatic brake system (electronic brake system) (032AB)
Brake shoe width for rear axle 220 mm (034EC)
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) (258HA)
Climbing brake (258RA)
Drum brake for front axle (259CC)
Drum brake for rear axle (259CE)
Brake connection 2-line (262AC)
Aluminium air reservoir (262EF)
Off-road logic for ABS (311CH)
Heated air dryer (370CR)

  • Cab exterior

Cab ‘M’ 2240mm wide, 1880mm long (050NN)
Without storage box (052XA)
Front flap can be unlocked from the inside (05NAE)
Hydraulic/electrical tipping device (150AZ)
Windscreen cleaning set (150MC)
Construction access step on front mudguard on driver’s side (272AT)
EU-compliant access with large tyres (272BY)
Access lighting for driver and co-driver (272FA)
Cab suspension with coil springs for cab ‘M’ (283FB)
Central locking (321EC)
Windscreen tinted laminated glass (380AC)
Tinted door windows (380CA)
Rear cab wall without window (381AA)
Tinted side window after B-pillar (385AT)
Mechanical lifting roof (386AS)
Sun visor in front of windscreen (388AK)
Handle on cab roof outside driver’s side (389CA)
Kerb mirror, right, heated and electrically adjustable (392AR)
Left-hand kerb mirror, heated and electrically adjustable (392AW)
EU front mirror, passenger side (392CL)

Heated and electrically adjustable rear-view and wide-angle mirrors
adjustable (392CY)

Mirror arms for body 2500-2600mm (392HA)
Mudguard extensions according to EU directive
91/226/EEC (401EG)
Without spray mist reduction (404XG)

  • Cab interior

seat covers in standard quality (058BA)
Driver’s comfort seat with air suspension (058NH)
Two additional vehicle keys (064AC)
Fabric door interior panelling (080AF)
Brushed aluminium decorative inlay on dashboard (150WR)

Air conditioning AC R134A CFC-free with automatic temperature control
temperature control (153KC)
Without NORDIC cab insulation (against cold) for
M,L and LX-Fhs (159XS)
Fine dust and pollen filter (201FA)
Compressed air connection in the cab (278EA)
Reading lights for driver and front passenger (319AA)
Without mattress for lower bunk bed (376XH)
Without mattress for top sleeper berth (376XK)
Without bunk bed for cab ‘M’, ‘C’, ‘DK’ (376XL)
Without all-round curtain (381YX)
Driver’s seat belt indicator (384CD)
Electric door window regulator for driver and front passenger (387AF)
Mechanical sunblind for windscreen (388AH)
Sun blind on both doors (388CA)
Left and right grab handles (on ‘B’ pillar) (389AC)
Left and right grab handles (on ‘A’ pillar) (389AD)
Storage compartment in door armrest (390AG)
Cup holder in dashboard (390CT)
1 pull-out drawer in dashboard centre section (390CU)
without storage box (390XX)
Footrest for front passenger (391AA)
Plastic covering for floor and engine tunnel (538AE)

  • Instrument panel displays

km/h ‘High-Line coloured’ (02AAG)
Calibrate tachograph (142AF)
MAN Tronic (on-board computer) (325AA)
Language 1 ‘French’ for instrument panel display (325EE)
Language 2 ‘English’ for instrument panel display (325FC)

Display in instrument panel for operating data (339FP)
Acoustic warning system for reverse gear engaged
can be switched off (343CK)
Boost pressure indicator (346CA)

  • Lights

Headlamp levelling lights (309AA)
Halogen twin headlights H7 for right-hand traffic (310EE)
2 worklights on the roof (310FA)
LED daytime running lights (ECE R87 compliant) (310HQ)
Cable harness for tail lights 1.5 m supplied loose (310PA)
Protective grille for headlights (311AA)
Position lights LED (318AI)
Side marker lights (318AK)
Winter service lighting (352AM)
Preparation for additional lighting on cab roof (352ED)
Preparation for flashing beacon installation (352FD)
Manoeuvring light at the entrance (353CA)

  • Radio /Information systems

MAN sound system (350AB)
MAN Media Truck Advanced 12 V radio with 7′ colour display
and navigation preparation (350NP)
Navigation microSD map SOUTH AMERICA (350QH)

‘Comfort’ hands-free functionality for 2 mobile phones (MFL-
and Bluetooth®-capable) (350TQ)
Preparation for radio system (351AF)

MAN CameraView – preparation for rear camera (2 cameras)
cameras) (351MF)
AUX-in/USB in the dashboard (351US)

  • Electrical system

Two-tone electric horn (324AC)
2 compressed air horns on the cab roof/roof spoiler (324CA)

TollCollect pre-equipment (cable set & antenna) is provided
material provided and owned by TC (325HB)
Trailer socket for ABS at the end of the frame (326CK)
Trailer socket 24 V 7+7-pin at the end of the frame (326CW)
Socket in cab 12V 2-pin and 24V 2-pin (326FZ)
Mechanical battery master switch (327AF)
Batteries 12 V 175 Ah 2 pieces (329CT)
Battery box up to 175 Ah (329ER)

Maintenance instructions for ‘maintenance-free’ batteries (329HC)
Alternator 28V 120A 3360W Longlife Eco (331CY)
ETA automatic circuit breakers (358AA)
Smoker pack (434CH)

  • Other operating

instructions in French (194AC)
Additional operating instructions in English (194EA)
Compressed air connection for auxiliary consumers in the body (278AA)
Antifreeze down to -37 degrees (373AE)

1 fire extinguisher French 2 kg according to safety regulations
1996 (394FE)
Front mud flaps (400AH)
Transfer mudguards (401AF)
Removal of the plastic mudguards (401CW)
Dressing set loose (405AC)
Breakdown warning sign loose (405AK)
Hazard warning lamp loose (405AR)
Jack 12 t (407AH)
2 wheel chocks (411AF)
Front wheel stud cover (417AC)

  • Insert and Country-specific

General power take-off parameterisation (119EH)
Equipment for right-hand traffic (600AC)

  • Load variants and Various

drive shafts for increased load profile (029GC)
Approval as N3G vehicle (GG > 12t) (542NG)
Height above cab unloaded up to 4000 mm (798LF)

Additional modifications by Toni Maurer

  • Rear axle driven, steered
  • branch deflector
  • Bull bar
  • Underride guard
  • Safety cage
  • Air-conditioned seat left and right
  • Pressure damper cab and axles
  • Pressure damper attachment
  • Auxiliary air heater
  • Hot water heater
  • Fuel tank 390 litres
  • Tyre pressure regulation system
  • Longitudinal lock cover
  • Auxiliary headlights, camera
  • Radio, sockets