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The (Smart) Lift

You already know our innovative motorbike carrier, which allows travellers to take various vehicles such as an (e)bike, motorbike or ATV (quad) with them on their journey. One of our customers had a brilliant idea that led to a very special wish: He wanted to take his SMART on an adventure.

Secondary (backup) transport for an expedition vehicle

Being mobile in all situations is a key factor while traveling. This can be in urban areas where expedition truck mobility sometimes is limited and you want to visit interesting parts of the city. But also while exploring off-road in remote areas, an additional means of transport is essential. In case of a broken or damaged basic vehicle, the availability of a replacement vehicle can be crucial to save your own life and get help in critical situations. An ATV/Quad, a motorbike or an (electric) bicycle can be your salvation if you are stuck with your expedition vehicle.

Exclusive expedition for our Bliss Mobil customer

Currently 5 Bliss Mobil vehicles and their owners are on an exclusive expedition through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. Together with Overland Travel we organize journeys that take you off the beaten track with professional guidance and technical backup. The mission of Bliss Mobil has always been to support our clients by gaining their own experience and using their own vehicles.

For Sale: 11 Foot on Unimog U4000

We offer in consignment for our customer this brand-new  11-foot High Bed on a revised Unimog U4000 4×4. One-of-a-kind opportunity for prospective buyers who want to start traveling in 2022.