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16 foot - MAN HX60

MAN HX60, a premiere at Bliss Mobil!

Just before the year’s end of 2021, we have delivered this incredibly capable expedition truck. The popular MAN HX60 18.334 FAERX is the base vehicle and it carries a very complete 16 foot Bliss Mobil with the Standard interior layout.

Delivery of a mobile office

The Unimog U4023 is in general a popular choice for overland travel. This week we had a delivery with a Unimog U4023 and a 13 foot High Bed model that will serve as a Mobile Office.

18 foot - MAN KAT1.A1

A beautiful 18 foot on its way to the USA!

This week we had the honours of delivering a beautiful 18 foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN KAT 6×6. This project started at the Overland Expo East show in Arrington, Virginia back in 2019 where we first met our customers.

Another Bliss Mobil on its way to China!

We are proud to announce that we have shipped another 13 foot Bliss Mobil unit to Beijing, China last week! With already over 20 Bliss Mobil customers driving on Chinese soil, the Bliss Mobil concept has proven its worth and overlanding capabilities.