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20 foot Bliss Mobil ready for outbound south

We proudly announce the delivery of a beautiful 20 foot Bliss Mobil on the capable MAN TGS 33.540 6×6. This metallic grey expedition truck will travel in the next few days to the most southern part of Europe, neighbouring beautiful Morocco. Here they will start with an off road training under the supervision of a Dakar veteran.

Two more 13 foot Bliss Mobil units for Beijing, China

The growing overlanding community in China is growing with two more 13 foot Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles. Both units will be placed on the new generation MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 with a short wheelbase and thus form a compact yet comfortable combination – ideal for the Chinese regulations regarding vehicle lengths.

18 foot - MAN TGS 4×4

Another Bliss Mobil on the road

We are happy to announce that another beautiful MAN TGS 4×4 with an 18 foot Bliss Mobil unit is on the road.! The MAN is an 18 tons chassis with 480HP and a comfortable, extended cabin. The Bliss Mobil is equipped with the popular Standard layout.

15 foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1835A 4×4

15 foot Standard on new generation MB Arocs

Bliss Mobil is delighted to announce that we have delivered another beautiful 15 foot unit on a new generation Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1835A 4×4. Congratulations to the proud new owner on his Bliss Mobil Expedition vehicle, painted in light gray metallic.

18 foot - FMTV 1083 6×6

18 foot Bliss Mobil for the United States

We proudly announce the delivery of a stunning 18 foot Bliss Mobil on the capable FMTV 1083 6×6. This moss grey expedition truck will be shipped overseas to explore all the beautiful nature that America has to offer.

16 foot Bliss Mobil – Scania overland truck

We have delivered this beautiful overland truck before the end of 2020 ! The 16 foot Bliss Mobil in with the Scania R450 4×4 is a first time combination and première at Bliss Mobil ! We can no other than conclude it has become a perfect match and this overland truck is made for a comfortable yet capable expeditions.