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For sale

For Sale: 11 Foot on Unimog U4000

We offer in consignment for our customer this brand-new  11-foot High Bed on a revised Unimog U4000 4×4. One-of-a-kind opportunity for prospective buyers who want to start traveling in 2022.

Sold: 15 Foot MAN TGM 13.290 4×4

This 15 foot Bliss Mobil was delivered in December 2019 and is very well equipped. The unit has been fitted with the ever so popular motorbike carrier, allowing you to carry a spare wheel and secondary transport on the back of your expedition truck. In the interior you will find a  folding sink, washing machine and the integrated vacuum cleaner. Standard it comes with the large 465 litre freshwater tank, which combined with 20 Kwh, 800 Ah, 24V Lithium batteries, and 1 kW solar panels truly gives the “Freedom of Independence”!