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Travel agenda

Expedition Agenda – 2024

South America – Fully booked

Paramaribo – Cusco
17/03/2024 – 21/04/2024

Cusco – Santiago
07/07/2024 – 10/08/2024

Santiago – Ushuaia
20/10/2024 – 23/11/2024

Expedition Agenda – 2025

North Cape

28/02/2025 – 16/03/2025


16/08/2025 – 31/08/2025


18/10/2025 – 02/11/2025


Namibia – Botswana
28/06/2025 – 19/07/2025

Botswana – Zimbabwe – Zambia – Malawi – Tanzania – Kenya
13/09/2025 – 18/10/2025

Expedition 3
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The Bliss Community

As from the beginning of Bliss Mobil, our mission was to commit to the experience of using and foremost enjoying the ownership of a Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle. Our clientele is a diverse mix, ranging from novices with a dream of global travel to those with a camper background and individuals who have explored in smaller tours and vehicles.

At Bliss Mobil, we understand that acquiring a vehicle is just the starting point. Being an overland traveller demands expertise and experience. The Bliss Customer expeditions are designed to provide the ultimate opportunity to gain hands-on experience, in exclusive companionship of other Bliss Mobil owners (max 10-12 trucks). These expeditions are conducted under the professional guidance of Overland Travel, our dedicated partner for the Bliss Customer expeditions.

The ultimate adventure

Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort through a small, rally-roadbook style expedition with fellow enthusiasts. The trip’s intensity, shaped by factors like weather and physical conditions, demands peak performance from both individuals and machines. The deliberate travel pace ensures ample time for sightseeing. Bliss Customer expeditions offer a hassle-free way to explore high-quality adventures, promising endless challenges, highlights, and unforgettable moments.

Bliss customers from around the globe join forces, creating bonds and cross-border friendships. The shared enthusiasm and appreciation for our expeditions arise from the unique tours we offer—free from concerns about preparations, shipments and paperwork, accompanied by professional technical service and support and foremost enabling overland travelling destinations, one could never organise individually

In essence, Bliss Mobil goes beyond providing vehicles; we create a community of passionate overland travellers, offering expeditions that embody the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and unforgettable exploration.

Track record

North Cape Expedition 2019

Driving on icy roads, sleeping under the Aurora Borealis, whale watching and dog...

Big Five Expedition 2018

Follow us on our journey through beautiful and breathtaking west Africa,...

China Gobi Desert

Our dealer in China made a breathtaking trip with customers through the Gobi...


Over 10 years of experience

Overland Travel has over 10 years of experience in planning, organizing and guiding the most adventurous trips imaginable. The professional guides have above-average technical knowledge and have had first aid training. As can be expected from a professional travel company, they also have all required tools at hand.

Overland Travel, our professional and dedicated partner

Partnering with Overland Travel, a company with over a decade of expertise in planning and guiding adventurous journeys, guarantees that you embark on the most extraordinary trips. The professional guides are equipped with exceptional technical knowledge, first aid training, and, in keeping with the high standards of a top-notch overland travel company, always have the necessary tools readily available. Navigating and driving through off-road terrains is not merely a journey; it’s an art perfected through experience.
They not only plan for the best off-road routes but also consider the risks and challenges for both experienced and inexperienced customers as well as ensuring a safe and secure journey, with due consideration for local circumstances.

Additionally, they highlight each expedition through unique contacts and collaboration with local communities, resulting in exclusive excursions and overnight stays close to nature and local cultures. The guides from Overland Travel ensure a seamless experience, possessing deep technical know-how, combined with enthusiasm, boundless energy, and unwavering customer commitment. They take care to address any problems that may occur along the road, ensuring that each customer reaches their daily destination.