15 foot unit - High Bed Family

The 15 foot Family has a comfortable High Bed that can be electronically lowered, raised and leveled. The bed is 1.400 x 2.000mm and is located above the seating area. A 15 foot Bliss Mobil with this particular High Bed interior can comfortably sleep three to four people in dedicated beds. If the U-shaped couch is converted into a bed, two more people could sleep there.

The space in the back is used for an additional single, or bunk bed in the back with large drawers underneath it. All this storage space is accessible from the inside.

The seating area underneath the bed easily seats four to six persons. The large, U-shaped couch can also be converted to a bed of 1.400 x 2.000mm. The Lithium-ion battery bank(s), fresh water tank and deep freezer are located underneath the couch.

The kitchen is located directly opposite the entrance door and right next to the seating area. The well equipped kitchen is outfitted with a Fenix countertop, plenty of storage capacity and a microwave that also has an oven and grill function. The two induction hobs and stove hood ensure that the kitchen meets all your cooking requirements.

The optional Kitchen Set, which includes pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glasswork truly completes the kitchen.

The lavatory and bathroom are separated by a glass door that doubles as a room divider when set at an angle of 90 degrees. In this manner, both the bed and the seating area can be used at the same time without bothering one another.

The garage in a 15 foot Family is relatively compact, due to the fact that most storage space is accessible from the inside. Since there is no large, double sized bed in the back, some of the vacant space has been used for a large cabinet in the kitchen. This cabinet is large enough to place the optional washing machine in.

We offer storage boxes on the (sub) frame as well as big storage boxes on the back of the unit to increase outside storage.

This 15 foot Bliss Mobil is the perfect unit and layout for a family of three or four who still want to stay relatively compact.

Product Code: Z1597

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