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Internes Alarmsystem

The alarm system enhances the security of your Bliss Mobil unit and is operated by a numerical pad located at the entrance. 

The entrance door is fitted with a door contact sensor that triggers the alarm system. Complemented by a motion sensor which monitors the interior of the unit, the system is fully aware of any unwanted visitors. 

When motion is detected, or when the door is opened when the alarm is activated, the side flood lights are activated and a loud, acoustic alarm will sound. Furthermore, the user will receive a message. 

This message is sent to your mobile number through text messaging and/or to your email address. In order for the alarm to work, an Internet connection is required. In case an Iridium Tracker is installed, the message can also be sent through satellite communication.


FeaturesMotion sensors

Contact sensors

115db audio alarm

Message by mail


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