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Spannungsfreier Hilfsrahmen

Every Bliss Mobil subframe is designed to be the perfect, torsion-free connection between the unit and truck chassis. Based on calculations and thorough testing, the subframe will be specifically designed for your preferred vehicle.

While driving in off-road conditions, the subframe will not just define the behaviour of the truck but it will also protect your Bliss Mobil unit and vehicle from impact and torsional forces. Without our subframe, there is a high risk of damage when driving to the limits.

The Bliss Mobil subframe is made out of high quality steel and has a so-called “diamond shape” construction with three axles; two longitudinal and one transverse. In total, there are four pivot points that allow the subframe to move. The steel has a S700 high-strength rating and is often used in demanding, load-bearing constructions.

Jedes Bliss Mobil ist mit DIN-Twist-Lock-Gussteilen ausgestattet. Das ermöglicht Ihnen eine schnelle Montage oder Demontage von Ihrem LKW.

DimensionsDepending on truck type & chassis
FeaturesFour pivot points, diamond shape, three axles
ColourRAL 9005
PriceUpon request

* Alle Zubehörteile sind Teil des Bliss-Konzepts und werden nicht separat verkauft.

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