Freedom of Independence

We have redefined independent traveling by introducing ‘truck-independent’ models, incorporating the unrivaled features and benefits of the container concept. The Bliss Mobil models are designed to fit all types of trucks. Their unique features make them truly different from any other expedition vehicles on the market.

Bliss Mobil USA – A local partner for a global brand

Due to the strong developing market in North-America and the rapidly increasing customer base, Bliss Mobil founded Bliss Mobil USA: A corporation based in Colorful in Colorado.

Let us coach you through the process and together we turn your idea into action. We offer advice, training, support and we will help you build your perfect expedition vehicle.

Configure your unit
Based on our knowledge and experience, we can provide tailor made advice regarding size, layout and accessories.

Advice on a base vehicle
We will provide feedback and recommendations in order to create the expedition vehicle of your dreams.

Organization of logistics
Organizing the required documents (insurance), arranging the marriage between truck and unit and providing local training.

Both online and first-line support are provided by Bliss Mobil USA! Our commitment does not end after a delivery.

23 foot unit

This seven metre long camper body is our new flagship and the latest and biggest...

20 foot unit

With a dry weight of 4.200kg and a length of 6.059mm, the unit will fit 6×6...

18 foot unit

With a dry weight of 3.800kg and a length of 5.400mm, it is suitable for both...

16 foot unit

With a dry weight of 3.200kg and a length of 5.000mm, the unit is suitable for...

15 foot unit

With a dry weight of 2.750kg and a length of 4.700mm, the unit is suitable for...

13 foot unit

With a dry weight of 1.800kg and a length of 4.100mm, this size unit is suitable...

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