Freedom of Independence

We have redefined independent travelling by introducing ‘truck-independent’ models, incorporating the unrivalled features and benefits of the container concept. The Bliss Mobil models are designed to fit all types of trucks. Their unique features make them truly different from any other expedition vehicles on the market.

Bliss Mobil in North America

Bliss Mobil is an international company that exports their products all over the world. With almost 200 clients spread all over the globe, the growing presence in the U.S. market is critical for Bliss Mobil’s philosophy with Freedom of Independence.

The overlanding scene in the United States and Canada is rapidly growing and in this day and age it is more important than ever to be able to travel independently and all by yourself.


Every Bliss Mobil is constructed completely truck-independent, making it possible to place it on any truck with the right wheelbase and payload.

The Bliss Mobil concept allows travellers and adventurers all over the world to enjoy the Freedom of Independence on any chassis that they would like to use, as long as the essential criteria are met; a long enough wheelbase and a high enough payload.

A suitable chassis

By introducing six body sizes ranging from 11 to 20 foot in length, there is a suitable model for virtually every truck. The net weight of the 11 to 20 foot body varies from 3,500lbs up to 9,300lbs.

Bliss Mobil is dedicated to finding the right solution for every customer, providing recommendations for the selection of the truck in combination with the body, as well as supplying the torsion-free subframe.

Besides comfort and off-road capabilities, it is important that the truck matches the customer and their family.

Track record

Torsion free subframe

Bliss Mobil engineers its own subframes specifically designed for the truck of your choice. The subframe provides a torsion-free connection between the body and the truck chassis.


Transporting an expedition vehicle around the world can be a challenging and costly operation if it’s possible at all. The self-supporting body is equipped with corner castings at the 4 corners. This allows easy transport by virtually every container truck, train, vessel or even plane.

Vehicle independence

By introducing six body sizes ranging from 11 to 20 foot in length, there is a suitable model for virtually every truck.

US Electric/Charging specs

For the North- and Central American market, we have the possibility to extend the AC system with 110 Volt AC for every size Bliss Mobil.

Practical information

Due to the fact that every Bliss Mobil unit is produced completely truck-independent, they lend themself particularly well to be exported globally.

The all-in-one container concept allows us to ship an 11, 13 or 15 foot Bliss Mobil inside a container to any port on the east coast of the United States. The 16, 18 and 20 foot units are regarded as a container themselves.

Once completed, the Bliss Mobil unit will be shipped from the factory in the Netherlands to our U.S. headquarters in Colorado for installation to your truck chassis.

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