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Bliss Mobil in Siberia

In August 2016 two Bliss Mobil units, 13ft on Unimog 5023 and 15ft on MAN TGM 13.290, went on an expedition in the Urals Mountains.

After a 5,400 Km trip to the starting point, we reached the town in the south east of the Ural Mountains. Along the way we cross the border of Europe and entered Asia.

Slowly but surely going forward as the area east of the Urals is one big swamp. We had to cut down trees and build bridges. No other vehicles have passed through here in years.

As we had no heavy equipment for recovering the vehicles, we had to turn back and find another way through. An adventure in the deserted Siberia. Having to take turns towing each other. This is also the reason why this tour is far too dangerous only 1 vehicle.

We did not make the circumnavigation of the Ural Mountains, but we are sure no other expedition motorhome has ever come this far before.

And we will be back, no doubt about that.

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