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Bliss Customers Rally Morocco

All ingredients were there: 7 fully equipped Bliss trucks; two Unimog’s with 13 ft, one MAN TGM with 15 ft , one MAN TGS with 20 ft and three MB  Zetros 6×6 with 20 ft.

All driven by highly motivated customers who would like to experience not only the off-road, but who would also like to train and further develop specific driving skills in deep sand conditions.

A program well prepared by Overland Travel, where a good balance was established between driving and training on one hand, and enjoying local culture, food and last but not least Bliss relaxing time at breathtaking remote places on the other hand.

After two days of heading south-east we arrived in the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert was the place to be for proving off-road driving skills during five intensive days of driving. Deep sand and steep sandy dunes were the landscape where we all reached the absolute limits of off-road driving, and where we learned the capacities (and limitations) of our vehicles. By doing so, we all gained self-confidence to handle the extremes. Apart from driving skills, we all could improve our navigation skills, as this trip was not meant to be a guided tour but rather a rally-like driving experience with given waypoints. Good fun and hard work.

Under bright starry skies, we had wonderful overnight camps and the outdoor kitchens proved their good service.

Tired but satisfied we left the Sahara Desert to headland inwards in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean coast. Driving along the coast in the direction of Plage Blanche, the views from the high cliffs over the ocean were impressive. We mostly drove “dirt roads” which were “a piece of cake” after the desert trip. We all couldn’t wait for the 40 km drive on the Beach from Plage Blanche. Leaving directly after sunrise with low tide it was (another) spectacular highlight of the trip.

We very much liked Morocco. Partly due to its geographic location as an easy to reach destination from Europe, but also because of the large variety of very different landscapes, with the Sahara desert with it’s sandy dunes as a highlight for developing off-road driving skills and gaining valuable experience. We look back on warm friendships and good fun, we are proud to have customers who really go for the full experience and are willing and happy to practice and exercise to improve the driving skill. But above all, we are proud to have in the Bliss Community.

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Special thanks to Kevin Kooijman from Overland Travel, who is already preparing the Bliss Tour for 2018. For more info: www.overland.travelor info@overland.travel

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