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Travelling in the extreme cold

Travelling in the extreme cold

Sharing the experience of one of our Swiss customers.

In January Beat and Cathérine  travelled up to the north, to enjoy the extreme cold, the bright skies and the Northern Lights.

Their journey brought them through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, with the final destination the North Cape and then back home again, in total 8400 kilometers

They drove with their Zetros 4×4 in extreme winter conditions, including completely snow covered and  icy roads, where the Zetros proved its “all-terrain” capabilities.

In temperatures up to minus 24 degrees the Bliss 15 ft Unit was their safe haven. Due to the proven heating systems, they were able to maintain an inside temperatures of comfortable 20 degrees. The perfect insulation of the unit showed its worth, so that even when the heating system was shut off, the Bliss unit kept its inner warmth for a long time.

We are happy to have their evaluation of the maiden voyage during these extreme conditions, which they summarized as “ we felt Blissful in our Bliss”.  “All critical systems functioned without any failures”. “We could fully enjoy the beautiful Scandinavian environment, feeling at home and comfortable in our unit”.

The energy concept of solar energy with the backup of the trucks alternator perfectly passed the test of extreme short days. With 3-4 hours limited daylight the alternator of the truck functioned well for charging the Li-Ion batteries in the unit. 

Thank you Beat and Cathérine for sharing your experience with us.

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