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Delivery 15 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes-Benz 1224 4×4

After an intensive 3-year survey all over the world, our customers from the USA finally made his choice for Bliss Mobil. Upon seeing our professional engineering, spacious couch area and impressive finishing on the inside and outside of each unit they made the convinced choice for a 15 foot Bliss Mobil unit.

Our customers will now join the Bliss Mobil North Cape expedition with a group of other Bliss Mobil owners to understand their unit better and to enjoy the adventure.

The Mercedes 1224 (>25 years old) was bought in Belgium and received a complete overhaul in The Netherlands as well.

Special features in the unit

The 15 foot unit offers some new features which we have specially build on request. One of these features is a shoe cabinet build underneath the bed area. Normally this space is reserved for the washing machine. The cabinet is easy extractable should the customers wish to have the washing machine installed there in the future.

The unit also offers wine storage underneath the fridge. We developed a US drain hoses & Cassette concept for the black water tank which is more suitable for the USA. This allows the customers to extract the black water cassette and empty it at a location of choice.

Other option included where:

– routed to be accessible on the side of the unit
– with extension, hose to drain point
– storage from the extension hose in PVC tube mounted at the underside of the subframe
– cassette to empty the black water tank into, with overfill protection

Many adventures to come

The customers are looking forward for the many exciting adventures to come. “My first expedition will be together with the Bliss Mobil community to the North Cape. After that, it is our dream to do the Silk Road journey, Australia and if possible New Zealand”. We of Bliss Mobil wish them a lot of happy and blissful travels.  

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