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Development and production under one roof

We are engineers by heart and ensure you a high-quality product.

From the start it has been our goal to develop a quality product whose manufacturing process is based on a proven concept and which is transparent and standardized. Our main focus and driving factor has always been and still is the joy we get from working with an enthusiastic and talented team and realizing expedition vehicles for the high-end market.

Our engineering refers to both the product and the production process. Of course we have also invested in our production facilities in the last few years. For example, the realization of fully equipped, independent workstations in production, the commissioning of high-quality machines and the implementation of integrated production and business software.

Our team consists of talented and dedicated employees. Those technicians have broad technical knowledge and have received thorough training. Their skills enable us to produce in-house and to achieve maximum flexibility. As a result, we have been able to increase the number of our production in recent years, while ensuring the highest quality possible.

Are you interested in meeting our dedicated team? Want to take a tour in our production and discuss your dreams of your own expedition vehicle with our experts? Please contact us – we look forward to your visit and your ideas.