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Endless trail expeditions in the USA

Making dreams come true is one of our driving factors, and we are very happy to share with you the the amazing trip of our customers from California-USA, showing “their home away from home”


Our plans to travel to Tuktoyaktuk on the arctic ocean last year didn’t pan out due to the pandemic closing the borders and, once again, plans to travel to Europe this year didn’t work out either. However, with the vastness of the USA, we are still able to enjoy many US National Parks and countless State Parks as well. We have visited over 12 National Parks in multiple states and have traveled almost 20,000 miles so far in the comfort of our Bliss box, the envy of other Overlanders along the way.

Travel comfortably

We have been told our truck is “sick” which we have learned is a good thing (meaning “cool”) and we have picked up over 1,000+ followers on Instagram due to the overwhelming interest our truck creates on the road. The combination of the Acela truck and Bliss Box got us through some very rough roads, inclement weather, and all terrain conditions. But inside the Bliss box it is always warm and comfortable, where we can enjoy fine dining with wine at the end of each day’s expedition.

Future plans

We plan to continue our journey this year by exploring the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. So Tacos, Beer and remote beaches are in our plans.  Our plan is also to pursue the Arctic, Europe, South America, and Asia. The list is endless…

The sight and sound of nature on the road are undeniably the pleasures of overlanding that can’t be achieved with other modes of travel.  “To travel is to live, and to live is to travel.”

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