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15 foot Bliss Mobil – Iveco Eurocargo 4×4

With due pride we can announce that we married a Bliss Mobil unit with an Iveco Eurocargo 4×4 for the first time.

EUROCARGO 4x4 Expedition vehicle

This Eurocargo has a 4.150mm wheelbase and a 280hp engine that guides its power to the fixed 4×4 axle configuration through a manual transmission. As this combination is a premiere, we thoroughly tested the truck, subframe and unit with a stress test.

Customisation within the Standard

We first met at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon and from our “digital brochure of accessories” they could easily make their choices to further customise the 15 foot unit with a Standard interior layout. Our customers will travel with the two of them and the choice for a 15 foot Standard has been made because of the fixed double bed, separated from the living space by the glass door.

Reliable energy concept

They are convinced of the Energy Concept of Bliss Mobil, which has now been installed in more than 110 Bliss Mobil units and therefore proven and reliable for all (climate) conditions.

It was a strong requirement to not have gas on board, which is possible due to the strong performance of solar energy, and the optimised battery management of our Lithium-ion setup.


Home away from home

Next to the standard infrastructure with an abundance of water and electricity, the unit has been further customised by accessories like the buffalo leather upholstery and the folding sink in the shower.  This all will offer them the best “home away from home” experience.

Travel plans

Our customers will start their travel in Iceland this summer, with the plan for further short trips in Northern Europe in the second half of the year. After these “trial” journeys they cannot wait to further explore other continents like the Americas and Africa.

After an intensive two-day training, they are now on their way back home to Germany. We want to congratulate them with their beautiful expedition vehicle and we wish them a warm welcome to the Bliss Mobil community and many happy blissful travels to go ! 

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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