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20 foot Bliss Mobil on MAN TGS 18.540 4×4

20 foot - MAN TGS 18.540 4×4

We proudly announce the delivery of a 20 foot Bliss Mobil on an exceptional overland vehicle; the MAN TGS 18.540 4×4.

Craftsmanship and dedication

Our customers used the time from ordering until delivery of the unit, almost a year, to overhaul and customise their truck for the great expeditions to come. With great technical knowhow, craftsmanship and dedication, many modifications were made by the owners themselve. Prime examples are the additional diesel tank (totalling to 1000 liters), a roof rack with satellite dish, additional lighting and cameras around the truck and the detachable winch which can be mounted both at the front as well as on the rear of the truck.

The stair is a self made construction by the customer and it slides into the side of the chassis. With the standard Bliss Mobil stairs, this place is free for storage or fuel tanks. As the wife of our customer does have a problem with taking big steps, the customer chose to make this alternative himself.


This MAN TGS 18.540 4×4 has a 4.500 mm wheelbase and upgraded rear springs to compensate for the overhang. Ideally a 6×6 chassis is used for a 20 foot Bliss Mobil unit in order to keep the overhang to a minimum, enhancing your departure angle. However, with the right wheelbase and spring rating, a 4×4 chassis is possible.

Our customers will travel in the upcoming winter to the Northcape for the ultimate first expedition experience in their Bliss Mobil. Afterwards they will start their 7-month journey eastwards with Beijing as their final destination. They will return home by following the old southern silk route (40.000 kilometers in total). We are proud that a Bliss Mobil will be their safe and comfortable home, being this far away from home.

Independent travelling

The project started a year ago when our customers made the choice for a 20 foot unit – Low Bed XL kitchen, equipped with much additional storage and drawers in the unit. Through their many travels with expedition vehicles, which they owned before, they had a good insight of the “must haves” and the essentials for independent travelling.

The washing machine, towel heater, vacuum cleaner and iMac are standard in this 20 foot unit. Our customers further customised  their unit by the choice of multiple accessories like the TV in the bedroom, the unit – truck passage, and the motorbike carrier.

After their travel plans to China, they have plans on shipping the truck to North America, and therefore chosen for the 110 Volt charge option.

Their choice for Bliss Mobil?

Like they expressed themselves: 

“The proven ( electrical) concept, standardisation with “ air” for customer wishes, the independent container concept and the small series production. Last but not least, the attention for qualitative materials like the bamboo and the overall “ feel -good” of the interior”

After 2 day training, they not only treated us with German Beers, but complimented us as well with our proud and dedicated team. We like to put it the other way; we are proud of our customers and to become part of their great expeditions !

We wish them many blissful moments, enjoying the ultimate Freedom of Independence!

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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