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Troubles in Africa – Thanks to Bliss Mobil with a happy end!

A trip through Africa must be well prepared. Travelling through Africa is not only about enjoying the beautiful nature and the “Big Five”. The true danger is called “the big sixth” and it is lurking in crowded areas. These are the overloaded, commercial trucks on the poorly maintained roads and, unfortunately enough, this story is about these trucks.

It happened in a split second…

Our customers, Theo and Margit from Schwarzwald in Germany and have extensive travel experience in Africa. They were unfortunately involved in an accident in Kenya, approximately 100 kilometres from Nairobi.

“It happened in a split second…. The truck driving in front of us lost some of its load”.

The dislodged part of the cargo flew through the air and threatened to injure people who were standing on the side of the road. Theo and Margit watched the scene in disbelief and within the blink of an eye their Steyr hit the truck in front of them, as the driver made an emergency stop.

The Steyr had been seriously damaged, where the 15 foot Bliss Mobil unit remained “straight and untouched”, thanks to the strong frame and the rigid construction. For our customers it was the question whether to repair the truck or to replace, both options are very well possible as the unit can be used completely independent from the truck.

Back on the road in September

Luckily they found a workshop attached to Jungle Junction, a well known overlander campsite in Nairobi. The Bliss Mobil unit has been detached from the truck and gives them a safe and fully functional tiny house at the campsite. Meanwhile, the Steyr will be repaired in the workshop and they expect to be back on the road in September again.

Although we sincerely regret their accident in Africa, it is a great testimony to the Bliss Mobil concept and the strength of the unit itself. A true expedition vehicle should be able to withstand the toughest hardships and being involved in an accident unfortunately can be one of those misfortunes. The journey doesn’t end here, and with resilient and experienced travellers behind the wheel such as Theo and Margit, the adventure will continue.

We are grateful that Theo and Margit are safe and doing well. A Happy ending after all and we wish them a great onward African journey!

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