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A beautiful 18 foot on its way to the USA!

18 foot - MAN KAT1.A1

This week we had the honours of delivering a beautiful 18 foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN KAT 6×6. This project started at the Overland Expo East show in Arrington, Virginia back in 2019 where we first met our customers.

Upon asking why they ultimately chose Bliss Mobil, our customers responded with the following;

“After much research, we picked Bliss Mobil because it fulfilled all our requirements to live full time as Overlanders, some of which were: quality of the build, functionality, aesthetic design, comfort, and, of course, the company’s customer service.”

18 foot Bliss Mobil

The MAN KAT1.A1 is the modern version of the air-cooled, original truck and has a water-cooled, 400HP strong engine. The 25 tons chassis has a 6×6 axle configuration and will have no problem hauling the 18 foot Bliss Mobil body through whichever terrain it encounters. The truck has been demilitarized and painted in signal white to match the Bliss Mobil body.


The truck itself has an integrated carrier for the spare wheel behind the drivers cabin, but the Bliss Mobil has also been equipped with a motorbike carrier that offers another place to mount a spare wheel. A KTM Adventure R will be placed on the carrier as well, by means of secondary transport to scout ahead or visit spots the expedition truck can not reach.

The truck’s on- and off road capabilities have been enhanced with a Ti.Systems installation, long range fuel tanks, LAZER LEDs on the truck’s roof and additional lighting on the Bliss Mobil unit. New, beadlock rims will be installed to fully utilize the Ti.Systems set up.


Since our customers will live in their new home on wheels, they made sure plenty of storage space is available by installing boxes on the truck’s roof and on the truck chassis.

The 18 foot Bliss Mobil body has been equipped with both the watermaker and arctic package, making it compatible for both hot- and cold climates. A washing machine, vacuum cleaner, towel heater and an upgraded coffee maker add to the comfort level of this Bliss Mobil. The 360 degree infrared camera system and integrated safe increase the safety level of the Bliss.

Bliss Mobil family

Our customers will roam around in the United States first, most likely heading North to Alaska as the first real maiden voyage. There are no pre-set plans yet, but on the bucket list are multiple dream expeditions and destinations like travelling in remote Russia, driving the Panamericana and discovering the beauty of Africa. Whichever way they go, this expedition truck is ready for it!

We welcome our customers to the growing US Bliss Mobil family and we wish them all the best during the many great adventures that they will encounter!

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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