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MAN HX60, a premiere at Bliss Mobil!

16 Fuß - MAN HX60

Just before the year’s end of 2021, we have delivered this incredibly capable expedition truck. The popular MAN HX60 18.334 FAERX is the base vehicle and it carries a very complete 16 foot Bliss Mobil with the Standard interior layout.

MAN power

Amongst many other upgrades, this particular chassis has been fitted with beadlock rims, LAZER high beams, a powerful Internet antenna on the truck’s cab and an increased fuel and storage capacity. If the truck still gets stuck despite the Ti.Systems and sand ladders, it can winch itself out on the front or rear.

The most noticeable adjustment is of course the “Right-Hand-Drive” to “Left-Hand-Drive” conversion.

16 foot of pure Bliss

The 16 foot Bliss Mobil is a perfect fit for the MAN HX60! The stock cargo bed had to be modified but due to our container system the adjustments were manageable.

On the front of the 16 foot, one will notice two aluminium brush bars that are fixed in and onto the aluminium frame of the 16 foot Bliss Mobil, these were designed and installed on customer’s request due to the height difference between the truck’s cab and the Bliss Mobil unit. The exterior has been further upgraded with additional lights, a 360 degree InfraRed camera system, storage boxes and a motorbike carrier including a storage box, sand ladders and a second spare tire.

Rugged and comfortable

Looking at the tough exterior of this truck, one might be surprised by the comforts inside the Bliss Mobil unit. The soft-cushioned seating area welcomes you to take place and kick your feet up whilst enjoying the homely feeling of this expedition unit. Besides the default creature comforts, this unit has been upgraded with a folding sink, washing machine and a towel heater.

Inside the interior, a custom kitchen tap has been installed as well as a drawer cabinet opposing the kitchen. An additional outdoor kitchen has been placed in one of the storage boxes behind the last axle.

To complete the whole; this expedition truck has been painted and finished in Porsche’s “M9A Kleid Grau” color scheme.

Bliss Mobil family

We wish our customers many great adventures to come whilst they test and challenge this truck in Oman’s beautiful nature.

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