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Three more Bliss Mobil units on the way to the USA

This week we are shipping three more Bliss Mobil units overseas and this time the USA is their destination: Two 13 foot units High Bed Type 4 and one 15 foot unit Standard. The marriage of the units and their vehicle will take place in the USA.

Streamlined transport procedure

Bliss Mobil can rely on a proven and secured shipping procedure and a streamlined process. The three Bliss Mobil units will be united with their designated chassis in a month’s time. The construction of our units is completely truck-independent and this allows the chassis, in this case in the USA, to be prepared and customized before the units arrive.

One of the 13-foot units will be placed on a Mercedes-Benz 1224 Ecoliner and will be used as a Bliss Mobil-demo truck. A RAM 5500, which has been upfitted for the overlanding by American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) in Michigan is waiting for the second 13 foot High Bed.

EX-Military FMTV truck

The 15-foot unit will be mounted on an EX-Military FMTV truck that has already been completely overhauled in our workshop in Colorado.

We cannot wait till we see the finalized Bliss Mobil vehicles!

The 13-foot unit High Bed Type 4 has a space- and storage efficient interior due to the high bed above the couch and the combined toilet and shower in the back of the unit. This provides good space for the kitchen, which is equipped with a large sink, two induction hobs, a separate freezer and fridge. Also the microwave/oven/grill combination and a coffee-maker is part of the standard equipment.

Due to the extra length of the 15 foot, compared with the 13 foot, a fixed double bed could be accommodated in the rear and allowed a separate bathroom and lavatory. You can take a look at the interior of the 15 foot  standard by using this link.


All units have been enriched with a motorbike carrier on the rear and our slide-out outdoor kitchen, which is safely stored in one of the storage boxes. The 360° view IR-camera system provides not only a 360° view of the surroundings of the Bliss Mobil, it is also a safety feature. Even when it is pitch-dark outside this system will give you a crystal clear vision on the nocturnal nightlife.

In addition to the standard infrastructure with an abundance of water and electricity the units have been further enriched by the choices of accessories like the Arctic Package and the 110 and 220 Volt charging and inverting to compete with the harsh climate traveling Alaska. This will offer them a true ‘home away from home’ experience.

Safe journey to the US

We want to congratulate our two new customers with their Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles and wish them blissful journeys. If you are interested and want to experience a Bliss Mobil, you are more then welcome to have a look at our new 13 foot High Bed Type 4 demo-truck, which will be exposed in addition to our 15 foot demo. Just contact Bliss Mobil USA Corp.

For now we wish the Bliss Mobil units a safe journey to the US.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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