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Three more 13 foot units on their way to China

We are very proud that the Bliss family in China is steadily growing. In January, three more 13 foot High Bed Units left our factory in Breda, the Netherlands and are on their way to Beijing to our authorized dealer BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd in China.

Bliss Mobil® in China

And we have more news for you! We are very proud to announce that in the past month, the Bliss Mobil brand has been acknowledged and registered as an official trademark in China. A brand, which we hope to further grow successfully together with Felix and his team in the coming years.

We have already delivered 37 units over the last 6 years to Felix and his team in Beijing, China. BRIX Machinery Co.Ltd showed their competence as overland truck supplier and has put Bliss Mobil on the map of the Chinese Market. It was a small company when our cooperation started, and now they do not only build expedition vehicles but also organize customer expeditions through China.

13 foot units

Thanks to our container concept, we can build the unit without requiring to have the truck on site in the Netherlands. The Bliss Mobil units can therefore be easily shipped overseas. The 13 foot unit fits into a 40 foot High Cube shipping container, which enables easy and safe shipping. The Bliss Mobil team in Breda builds the mainly 13 foot High Bed models, the truck-specific torsion free subframe as well as accessories like the outdoor kitchen, the truck passage and the motorbike carrier in the Netherlands. BRIX prepares at the same time the dedicated trucks in China and takes all responsibility for logistic and border topics, to offer their Chinese Customer a “turn key project”

Two new generation MAN 13.290 4×4 are waiting for the Bliss Units. These compact trucks with a short wheelbase are compliant with Chinese Regulations, concerning the 6 meter length overall.

The units

All our 13 foot units are equipped with a comfortable High Bed located above the seating area, which can electronically be lowered, raised or levelled. As with all our other models, you can easily convert the U-shaped seating area into an additional double bed, which creates in combination with the single bed in the rear comfortable sleeping spaces for 5 people in total. In this model, you could also choose a bunk bed in the rear as well. The well-equipped kitchen meets all cooking requirements with 2 induction hobs, a multifunctional microwave and plenty of storage space. 

Further equipment

As the availability of a secondary vehicle is essential when travelling remote, a motorbike carrier has been mounted on the back of the units. It can accommodate different vehicles and provides space for a spare wheel. 

In the 13 foot Unit – High Bed Family which is painted in the special MAN colour grey metallic, the bathroom and toilet are separated. Our customer has upgraded the interior with an additional battery back that increases the storage capacity of the electrical system and also offers redundancy in case of unexpected failure. A compact washing machine that can handle up to 3.5 kg of load and China specific 230 V sockets have also been added. The other two units are 13 foot High Bed with a layout specially developed for the Chinese Market. This model is equipped with a combined bathroom on the side and a single bed with additional lockers in the rear of the unit. As the combined bathroom is at the side, the kitchen space is slightly larger, compared to the other High Bed Models.

Thank you

We look forward to receiving pictures from the finalized expeditions vehicles and we are confident that our customers will experience countless blissful travels with their Bliss Mobiles. A big thank you to Felix and his team, and if you are curious about the possibilities of owning your own Bliss Mobil, please contact us.

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A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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