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Delivery of a 16 foot on MAN HX60!

16 foot MAN HX60

This week’s highlight is the delivery of a stunning expedition vehicle: 16 foot Unit – Standard on a rebuilt and modified MAN HX60! Before making his choice, our customer did extensive market research and visited a number of other companies in the overland industry. An important step on the way to realizing their dream. Our customer made a deliberate choice to go with Bliss Mobil because of our proven technical approach and support.

An eye-catcher on the road

With this Bliss Mobil you attract attention on the road! The low profile and rugged appearance of the chassis point to the military roots of this vehicle. The MAN HX60 has 330 horsepower and transfers that power to the road via an 18-ton axle set and 14,000R20 tires. The MAN is a Euro-4 standard truck, which means it can run on sulfur diesel without any problems. This particular model has a central winch that can be used on both the front and rear of the truck.

This is the third successful delivery of a Bliss Mobil unit on a MAN HX60. A perfect combination in terms of weight, wheelbase and … appearance!

Fully equipped

The Bliss Mobil Unit was upgraded with numerous extras to make the already cosy interior even more homey and provide the new owners with more comfort. For example, the windows have been fitted with extra-fine mesh screens to keep out even the smallest mosquitoes.

In the rear part of the cabin, where the toilet and the bathroom are located, you will find the folding sink, the preparations for connecting a washing machine and the electric.

Everything is securely housed behind a triple-locked entrance door and 360° View IR-camera system. 

Ready for adventure

The exterior of this expedition camper literally screams adventure! The truck itself is equipped with storage boxes, and a motorbike carrier has been mounted to the unit’s rear twist-locks. With the Arctic package, this overlander is also perfectly prepared for long-term travel in sub-zero temperatures. After a few short test drives, our customer plans to leave for a longer stay in Scandinavia at the end of 2023.

Happy Marriage in Switzerland

The independent container concept enabled a wedding in Switzerland. The unit left our factory on a deep low loader and 2 days later the 16 foot Bliss Mobil was mounted on the client’s truck by our official Swiss dealer PureXploring AG. The happy client followed the marriage on-site in Switzerland.

Thank you

Our thanks go to our customers for their trust in Bliss Mobil and we warmly welcome them to the Bliss Mobil community. Has this awesome expedition vehicle piqued your interest? Do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us to discuss your plans!

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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