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Four more Bliss Mobil units are on their way to China

Four luxurious 13-foot Bliss Mobil units recently left our factory and are on their way to our authorized dealer, BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd in China. In Beijing, these sleek mobile units will be mounted on reliable MAN 4 × 4 13290s and will be ready to delight adventurous travellers in the Middle Kingdom.

Perfect combination to fulfil China’s 6-metre regulation

Our type 2 units are characterised by a first-class design, comfortable equipment, ensuring a comfortable journey in any environment. Each unit is designed with great attention to detail and functionality. Our experience shows that the 13 foot unit is a perfect match for the powerful and robust MAN 4×4 13290. This Bliss Mobil combination – the MAN with its short wheelbase and the 13 foot unit – fulfils the strict Chinese regulations. In China, the maximum overall length of a vehicle must not exceed 6 metres to be allowed to drive with a normal driving licence.

13 foot unit – High Bed Type 2

We have designed this model at the request of our Chinese dealer. The special feature of this layout is the combination of toilet and shower, an extended kitchen area and comfortable sleeping facilities for up to six people. They come as standard with a comfortable bed above the seating area (High Bed), which can be lowered, raised and levelled electronically. The comfortable U-shaped seating area can easily be turned into another double bed, and a single bed or bunk bed can be installed in the rear of the body.

Further accessories

Our customers from the Middle Kingdom have also opted for additional accessories. Like the  towel heater , which ensures a pleasant and cosy bathroom and helps you forget about the morning chills. The passageway between the driver’s cab and the unit allows easy and trouble-free access to the lorry cab. Our  360° IR camera system provides you with a clear overview of the immediate surroundings of the vehicle and prevents blind spots. In addition, the infrared technology (night vision) enables a clear view even in the dark and ensures greater safety and visibility. Our in-house developed aluminium  motorbike carrier, which is attached to the rear of the vehicle, enables the transport of additional means of transport such as bicycles, e-bikes or motorbikes.

BRIX Machinery

Felix and his team handle the transportation, import, registration, and assembly of the unit on the vehicle. BRIX Machinery can offer a wide range of modifications to the Bliss Mobil and provides a turnkey solution for our Chinese customers.

With these 4 bodies, Bliss Mobil continues to expand its activities in the Chinese market and underlines its promise to provide high quality and standardised solutions to adventure travellers worldwide. We are proud that our innovative Type 2 models are redefining mobile luxury in China.

Would you like more information? Get  in touch, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of a Bliss Mobil. Your next adventure is already waiting – make it a blissful one!

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