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Delivery of a 20 foot Mid Couch on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4051 6x6

We are extremely proud to have delivered an exceptional unit: Our first 20 foot unit – Middle Couch has left our workshop on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4051 6×6. This unit was specially developed according to the customer’s wishes and the result is impressive. Our customer had very precise ideas, as he had already experienced several other expedition vehicles.

20 foot unit – Middle Couch

The Middle-Couch layout offers an open floor plan and a spacious feeling. The seating area is no longer at the front, as in the standard model, but directly in front of the bed. This makes the interior more open, as there is no visual separation between the front and rear parts of the unit.

The comfortable U-shaped couch offers space for up to 6 people and can be converted into a double bed by lowering the table (electronically) and folding down the backrests. As with all our 20-foot models, the kitchen offers plenty of space for cooking and is equipped with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal away from the beaten track. A large cupboard opposite the kitchen offers additional storage space, as do the large cupboards behind the toilet.

The folding table allows for easy access from the sofa to the large double bed. Measuring 2,000 × 2,000 mm, it is comfortable and offers enough space to sleep lengthways or sideways. The sleeping area can be partitioned off with a curtain to make it cosy at night.

The bathroom and toilet are separate and located opposite each other. They are equipped with a ceramic toilet and fountain in yacht quality as well as an electric towel heater. A powerful ventilation system ensures that humid air or unpleasant odours are efficiently removed.

Extra accessories

Although this 20-foot unit is more than complete in its standard version, our customers have chosen additional accessories. For example the Bird View camera system, the water maker and the Arctic Package make travelling even more comfortable and safe. The Bird View camera system offers the driver a perfect view when driving and passing through narrow roads. When turning, the display automatically selects the correct view and thus prevents blind spots.

The Bliss Mobil

Over the years, we have converted more than 15 Zetros trucks into expedition trucks. They are an excellent basis for our units as they are specially designed to conquer rough terrain. We are proud of this Zetros with its unmistakable appearance and the special modifications that our customer has made. This Zetros 4051 6×6 is a real powerhouse and is equipped with the most powerful engine available. It has been upgraded with a large winch and a rear rack developed by our customer. Another special development by the customer is a special extendable platform mounted under the vehicle.

Requirements of the customer

As already mentioned, this project was a special collaboration with our customer. They wanted a special layout and we decided to help them achieve this by developing a 20 foot Unit – Middle Couch. Of course, there were some challenges, such as finding the perfect spot for the washing machine, which is now neatly mounted behind the middle backrest of the couch facing the garage. Our experienced engineers created an excellent plan thanks to our proven and reliable standardised technical design.

Our customers had very specific ideas and we were able to help them to realise their dreams. The adaptations have really excited them and they want to combine their travel plans with their busy lives. Knowing that their Bliss Mobil is always ready to go, they can enjoy their free time to the fullest.

Please contact us if you would like to join the Bliss Mobil family and have your next expedition vehicle built by us.

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