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13 foot unit High Bed with destination China

Another 13 foot unit High Bed is on its first exciting journey, which will take it to Beijing, China. Our dedicated dealer, BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd. is already busy preparing the truck and will not only take care of the marriage but also the paperwork. The Bliss Mobil community keeps growing in the land of the dragon.

The unit

A 13 foot unit – High Bed is one of our best-selling units, combining a compact unit size with ample living space in a clever layout. This is why we also use it for our rental fleet. The ingenious power system, combined with the fresh water capacity and intelligent heating system, allows you to travel off the beaten track anywhere in the world. The interior is also very cosy and has everything you need. There is a comfortable high bed above the seating area that can be raised, lowered and levelled electronically. A special feature of this model is the combined toilet and shower and the extended kitchen area.
Each Bliss Mobil is manufactured to a standardized design, and our engineers use feedback and experience to improve the units. Regular improvements are also made to the components used in our products. We can guarantee that with a Bliss Mobil you are getting a proven concept that simply works and allows you to experience the Freedom of Independence.

Which truck is suitable for this unit?
The 13 foot unit is 4.1 metres long and can be combined with a wide range of trucks. Like a compact Iveco Daily 4×4 or a real off-roader like the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 or a MAN TGM 13.290 4×4, which is the truck of choice for our Chinese customer.

The MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 has a compact wheelbase and with its short driver’s cabin stays within the 6-metre limit to comply with strict Chinese regulations. These trucks are perfectly suited for travelling the world and tackling rough terrain, and with the worldwide service network in mind it makes them a logical choice. The distinguishing characteristics of these German trucks are:

  • Off-road capability: they excel in rough terrains thanks to their rugged chassis, four-wheel drive and advanced suspension systems.
  • Reliability and durability: MAN trucks are built with high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Comfort and safety: Despite their off-road focus, MAN 4×4 trucks feature comfortable and safe cabs with modern amenities and ergonomic designs for drivers and passengers.

This makes a MAN-truck perfect for a Bliss Mobil.

Chinese dealer
We are very proud of the collaboration with our dealer BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd. in China over many years. They have proven to be a reliable partner and know how to use and travel with a Bliss Mobil. BRIX Machinery’s team regularly organizes trips and events for its customers to explore the breathtaking landscapes of China. In addition, we are pleased to be able to actively support our dealer. Last month, we paid them a visit, and they gave us valuable insights and feedback on the Chinese market and their customers’ needs. We are very proud that our Bliss Mobils are used and appreciated all over the world.

If you would like to become part of the Bliss Mobil community, please contact us. We look forward to help to make your dream come true and helping you travel the world.

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