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Roof rack on truck cabin

The Bliss Mobil roof rack is engineered in-house and specifically made for the truck of your preference. The strong, lightweight aluminium roof rack does not just look the part, it also offers protection to the cabin and windshield by means of the front protector bars. It is designed to have an optimal amount of usable platform space.

In order to keep the downwards momentum within limits, we advise you to use the roof rack to store relatively large, but lightweight items. Items such as canoes, kayaks, skis and foldable bicycles take a lot of precious garage space and can easily be stored on the roof rack.

The roof rack can also function as a platform to sit or stand on during your safari ventures.

Code ZA650

DimensionsDepending on truck type & specs
Max. loadDesign and truck dependant
FeaturesOptimising available space; ideal for storing lightweight items. Protecting truck cabin and windshield.
ColorRAL 9005
PricePrice upon request

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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