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Towel heater

This accessory literally gives you a warm feeling! For most layouts, the towel heater can be installed in either the lavatory or bathroom – the latter one is most popular and the default location.

It does not just provide extra warmth when drying yourself, but it is also the perfect solution for drying wet towels or outdoor gear. The heater runs on 24v and is most commonly used in yachts and motorhomes but is becoming increasingly popular for household use as well.

Once mounted, the device has a protruding depth of just 55mm, a width of 385mm and a height of 630mm. This bespoke accessory takes up minimum space but provides maximum comfort.

The towel heater is part of the standard equipment in the 20 and 23 foot Bliss Mobil expedition units.

Article code: ZA127

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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