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Truck passage

A passage from the Bliss Mobil unit to the truck’s cabin ensures a safe escape route directly from the unit to the cabin.

The Bliss Mobil unit and truck cabin are connected by two, large hatches that open upwards with a thick, rubber harmonica tunnel in between. This waterproof connection is safe to use while driving on straight roads and is flexible enough to withstand driving on off-road terrain.

The well-insulated and noise-reducing hatches can be locked on both the truck and Bliss Mobil side. For cab-forward maintenance on your truck, the whole system can be dismounted by easily unscrewing twelve star buttons.

Dimensions (W x H):550 x 550mm or optional at custom dimensions
Features:Flexible and waterproof connection
Easily removable passage.
Safety and comfort feature.
Extension of the unit space, storage/sleeping.

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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