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US Electric/Charging specs

For the North and Central American market, we have the possibility of extending the AC system with 110 Volt AC for every size Bliss Mobil. The standard 230VAC system will always be retained at full specification. Regarding 110VAC, there are 2 distinct options to choose from:


Full US Specs (Inverting and Charging 110V)

With this most extensive 110V option, a second Inverter/Charger is installed dedicated to the 110V system. This enables you to charge the unit on 110V thanks to the 50A/24VDC charging capacity. Also, 2000W of inverted 110V power becomes available through the US-style power outlets in the unit. The Connection Box will be transformed to house all relevant 110V power connections. 230VAC charging at full power will still be available using the dedicated inlet. All standard household equipment will continue to run on 230VAC. 

Optionally, you could decide to have a combination of both 230V and 110V outlets in the unit available for use.

Code: ZA164

US Charging (Charging 110V)

For those who want to travel to the Americas, it is possible to add a compact battery charger allowing you to charge your Bliss Mobil using 110V shore power. This charger has a maximum output of 12A/24VDC and should thus be considered as auxiliary charging device. When choosing the 110V charging option, there will be no 110V inverter capacity and thus no 110V power outlets available for use. 

Code: ZA276

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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