Water infrastructure

The water infrastructure is reliable and robust, with back-up facilities for easy switchover in case of malfunctioning. Throughout the water system, high quality silicone tubing with stainless steel outer armour is used for all hot and cold freshwater connections. Waste water circuits are installed using the highest quality odour free flexible rubber hoses.

Flexible tubing has many advantages over rigid copper or plastic piping. The flexible tubing enables easy installation and service, has fewer parts and is much more pressure and vibration-resistant. This is important due to the vibrations from the truck. All water tubing is DVGW-certified.

Both fresh, black and grey water tanks (HDPE) are milled precisely before being welded in-house. Using chambered panel edges, a combination of different welds from both the inside and the outside are applied to each seam.

Each tank is pressure tested after production. As a result, the tanks are superior in robustness and durability. For extra security and strength, all tanks are divided into compartments to avoid large displacements of water.

Emptying the contents of the black water and grey water tanks can be carried out easily and hygienically. Both the black and grey water tanks have their own discharge outlets and can be emptied by pushing a single button in the connection box, manual override panel or remotely via the smart home system using your tablet or smartphone.

To ensure emptying is always possible, even in case of blockage of one of the outlets, both tanks are equipped with secondary manual ball valve operated outlets.

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