Embark on an extraordinary journey with Bliss Mobil and Overland Travel, where a professional collaboration redefines unique overland adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, proud Bliss Mobil owner, or a traveler seeking an unique and unforgettable experience in a rental vehicle, our partnership caters to all. Navigating the world’s most challenging terrains, our expeditions redefine off-grid living, luxury and rugged exploration.

The optimum between spontaneous joy and professional guidance guarantees that every adventure is a truly exceptional and individualized experience. From navigating and off-road epic terrains to embracing diverse cultures and breathtaking nature, our worldwide expeditions are guaranteed to enrich your overland adventure. Join our community and navigate a world where the road less traveled becomes a path to unparalleled bliss.

Rental Expeditions

The Bliss Mobil rental fleet currently features a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz...

Customer Expeditions

Our Community consists of over 250 proud Bliss Mobil owners, all with the same...

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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