Extreme conditions

Bliss Mobil units are designed and engineered for extreme conditions. As global travelers, we know that the beauty of overland travelling is the ability to be truly independent. 

If you are travelling the world, you may want to leave the beaten path and go off on a true adventure. Getting lost is the beginning of new adventures, rather than an inconvenience. Arriving in uninhabited places where commodities, such as food and water, are few and far between and where the only energy and water sources at your disposal are the sun and the rivers, is what it is all about. However, what do you do when extreme conditions become a bit too extreme? What if extreme weather conditions take a turn for the worse when you are out and about? 

Imagine you desperately need to fix something on your truck, but the blistering cold and limited daylight prevent you from doing so. Or what if a thunderstorm is closing in, and you are nowhere near the safety of your Bliss Mobil unit? These are just two of the many scenarios that may occur when you are exploring. A simple “walk in the park” might very well turn into an extreme adventure. 

From the very start at Bliss Mobil, we have taken all this and much more into account while developing and improving our products. 

When the Freedom of Independence becomes a necessity

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Extreme weather conditions

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