Construction of the unit

Analysis of the structural requirements of the Bliss Mobil unit has resulted in an extremely robust design. The robust steel or aluminium construction offers maximum protection in the unlikely event of an accident or of the truck tipping over. The centre of gravity has been placed at the optimal position: low and in the middle of the unit. The roof panel of the Bliss Mobil unit is placed slightly lower than the beams of the container frame, protecting the solar panels, roof windows and other installed equipment.

The in-house developed folding stairs are safely secured to the steel frame, offering a safe entrance. The stairs hinge inwards and are safely stored inside the unit. Importantly, the stairs never touch the ground. Because the vehicle has no fixed earth connection, this is an essential safety feature in case lightning strikes the vehicle.

The windows are double-glazed with tempered safety glass. In addition, optional armour plates serve as an additional protection against break-in, vandalism or act as camouflage, disguising the expedition vehicle as a truck.

Furthermore you can use the armour plates during shipment of your expedition vehicle, or for safe stopping in unpatrolled areas as well as for driving through large cities and/or areas affected by conflicts.

The entrance door is equipped with a three point locking system. The optional crawl through connection between the body and the truck cabin can be locked from both sides, ensuring an optimally safe situation.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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