Safety parts

As an option, an internal alarm system can be installed, which triggers an 115db acoustic alarm and will switch on the side flood-lights. Furthermore, it is also possible to send a warning message to your phone or email address using 3G/4G or optionally the iridium satellite network. Footage of the security cameras, mounted on all 4 sides, is stored on the internal DVR drive.

As a further option, a motion detector will monitor the surface area around the unit, and can switch on the floodlights to prevent “visitors” coming closer.

A security safe with numeric locking, built in unobtrusively, offers storage for valuables. A keyless locking system is a safe solution for controlled access.

As standard equipment, a fire alarm, fire extinguisher and fire blanket are always included. Another option is putting the 3Gas+ alarm in place to alert people to the presence of gas in an attempt to prevent people from becoming unconscious. Thanks to the dual sensor suitable for detecting both falling and rising gases, maximum protection is guaranteed.

Also an important aspect of “safety comes first” is the elimination of gas bottles. By cooking on induction the dependence on potentially dangerous gas is eliminated and there are no open flames.

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