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Follow Mike, Andrea and Aimée on their trip to the highest, lowest, coldest and hottest places on Earth!

The 45.000 kilometres and eleven month journey started in Zurich where Swiss husband-and-wife duo Andrea and Mike Kammermann drove off in their all-wheel-drive Axor Mercedes with Bliss Mobil expedition unit.

The four locations (which gave their 4-xtremes project its name) are the hottest, the highest, the coldest and the lowest places in the world reachable by a vehicle.

These locations are:

The hottest location: The Dasht-e Lut desert in Iran, with temperatures which can easily reach up to +70 °C.

The coldest location: Oymyakon in the far-east of Russia, with temperatures down to -70 °C.

The highest location: Marsimik La in the far north-east of India with an altitude of approximately 5700 meters, making it the highest passable mountain road in the world.

The lowest location: The Dead Sea in Israel which is 400 meters below sea level.

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