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13 foot unit - High Bed Type 4

The 13 foot High Bed with a type 4 interior has a large, comfortable bed that can be electronically lowered, raised and levelled. The bed is 1400 x 2000mm and is located above the seating area. The large, U-shaped couch can be converted into a bed as well. With the couch converted, a 13 foot Bliss Mobil with this particular High Bed interior can comfortably sleep four people.

With a High Bed Type 4 layout, the vacant space is used for a large, full wet bathroom. The heated and fully equipped bathroom in the back of the unit contains a yachting grade ceramic toilet and waterproof cabinets. The full wet bath is equipped with a ventilation system and a roof hatch to ensure a steady air flow. The combined lavatory and bathroom is closed off with a high-quality glass door.

Since this interior uses a combined lavatory and bathroom, there is more cabinet space available in the kitchen. The additional, large cabinet situated in the kitchen is large enough to fit the optional washing machine.

The kitchen is located directly opposite the entrance door and right next to the seating area. The well equipped kitchen is fitted with a Fenix countertop, plenty of storage capacity and a microwave which also has an oven and grill function. The two induction hobs and stove hood ensure that the kitchen meets all your cooking requirements.

The optional kitchen set, which includes pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glasswork truly completes the kitchen.

The garage space in a 13 foot High Bed Type 4 Bliss Mobil is limited, due to the fact that virtually all the available space is used in the interior. We offer storage boxes on the (sub)frame as well as big storage boxes on the back of the unit to increase outside storage.

Product Code: Z1398

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