Lights and security

Exterior lighting

In addition to the LED above the entrance door, the Bliss Mobil can be fitted with additional lighting. Three, bright LED lights can be placed on each side of the unit and on the optional motorbike carrier. The additional LED lights produce 1100 lumens at a distance of 100cm.

The optional roof rack which we offer for any type of vehicle can be fitted with two additional bright Lazer LEDs connected to the truck cabin.

The connection box on the side of each Bliss Mobil has two lights in it as well. The bright flood light serves as a working light and with a capacity of 450 lumen it can easily light up the whole area on the side of the Bliss Mobil. The mood light with the amber glow creates a cozy atmosphere whilst barbecuing in the dark, or reading a book outside.


As an option, an Internal alarm system can be installed, which triggers an 115db acoustic alarm and which will switch on the optional outside flood lights. Furthermore, it is also possible to send a warning message to your phone or email address using 3G/4G or optionally the iridium satellite network. Footage of the optional security cameras, mounted on all 4 sides, is stored on the internal DVR drive. 

As a further option, a motion detector can be installed to monitor the surface area around the unit, and switching on the floodlights to prevent any unwanted “visitors” coming closer.

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