Bathroom and lavatory

Luxurious bathroom

Depending on the size of your Bliss Mobil and the chosen layout, you can opt for either a separate or a combined bathroom. In either case the bathroom will provide enough room to comfortably enjoy a refreshing shower.

The bathroom features a powerful hot/cold shower, a Fenix shower-basin and an integrated extractor fan with automatic shutter. Bamboo trays provide storage space for small bathroom items. Hot water is provided by a high-power 1200W electric boiler with a capacity of 20 litres. Optionally, the bathroom can be equipped with a folding sink with integrated storage shelve and hot water mixing tap and an electrically heated bespoke towel heater. 

Because the vehicle is fitted with a large freshwater tank and the possibility to install an optional water maker, clean water will never be scarce. Both the bathroom and the lavatory are fitted with 10mm thick, layered, hardened safety glass doors, providing a luxurious and yacht-like finish. 

The bathroom door is designed to close in two positions. When closing the door in the 90 degree position, a changing room is effectively created by temporarily converting the passage between the bathroom and the lavatory into bathroom space. In this manner, the size of the bathroom can be increased without wasting precious interior space.


The separate lavatory is equipped with an electric macerating toilet. This type of toilet flushes with less water than traditional toilets. Grinding the waste prevents potential clogging of the black water pipe system.

The lavatory is equipped with a silent but powerful extractor fan, eliminating humidity and unwanted odours. The lavatory is complemented by a large overhead cabinet, an integrated 230V outlet and optionally, depending on the model, an integrated sink, extensive array of storage cabinets and Fenix countertop. 

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