Smart on the inside

Smart home system

Unique to the Bliss Mobil is the fact that the whole unit can be operated via a Smart Home system. This WiFi-based system ensures that almost every electrical device and function can be operated remotely by using your phone, tablet or pc. With the right configuration, the automatic home system can even be operated from the comfort of your own home.

By remotely controlling the Smart Home system, it is possible to monitor the temperature at nine different locations in your Bliss Mobil unit. An even more striking example is pre-activating the hot water boiler or floor heating while travelling through colder areas, or checking the water level in your tanks.

Override panel

Since abundance is one of our key elements, we have ensured that there is always a back-up panel which can operate the entire unit should the Smart Home system fail.

The override panel is neatly tucked away behind a bamboo interior panel, conveniently placed next to the door near the seating area. The panel is well-categorized and the user can see at a glance which items are on or off.

The override panel works completely separately from the Smart Home system. For example; if the lights are switched on with the override panel, they have to be switched off by using the same override panel.


To operate the Smart Home system, every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with a tablet. The most recent Bliss Mobil models are fitted with the Garmin Overlander. This powerful device doubles as a ‘remote control’ for the entire Bliss Mobil unit, but can also function as an off-road truck navigation system.

Bliss Mobil installs the unit in the interior, but due to the magnetic charging plate on the back you can easily remove the Overlander. Every Overlander comes with a suction cup that can be placed on the windscreen of your truck, doubling its usability!

Internet and routers

Every Bliss Mobil is fitted with a double global Internet router setup. One of the routers will have a global Bliss Mobil SIM card with a 12 month validity. This enables the user to stay in touch with the rest of the world, if there is a mobile reception.

The other router can be equipped with a SIM card of the user’s choice which can be freely used by the user, e.g. for streaming data.

The Internet routers create their own WiFi zone, but are also able to connect to a WiFi hotspot nearby. In this way, even if you do not have a valid SIM card inside your own router, you can still connect all your devices to the WiFi system in your Bliss Mobil.

When the unit has an active Internet connection, a lot of systems can be remotely operated.

Remote battery status

When connected to the internet you are able to receive a lot of useful and important data from the Bliss Mobil. Through the online VRM portal (Victron Remote Management) you can remotely monitor the battery status, solar yield and energy consumption so you are always up to date and able to take appropriate action if needed.


Every Bliss Mobil delivery is accompanied by a two-day training course in which theoretical lessons are complemented by actual handling of a Bliss Mobil. On the first night, the customer(s) will sleep in their Bliss Mobil to get the full experience. By providing extensive training, we strive to have customers who are confident enough to work on their own unit, if ever needed. We are more than happy to help and provide support, but an extensive training and transference of knowledge is the best support we can offer.

However, there are multiple, additional ways in which Bliss Mobil can offer support. One of the most obvious examples are the manuals that we store on the tablet which is provided with any Bliss Mobil. Since we highly value an abundance in all areas, we also store our manuals in the online customer portal.

All Bliss Mobil customers have access to this so-called Customer Portal. On this portal, one can find all manuals, policies and FAQ’s. Since knowledge comes from experience, we have set up a forum where all our clients from all over the world can share their stories and help each other.

Furthermore, we have an active service team that consists of engineers that can be reached via our ticketing service or by phone, during office hours. If needs be and when agreed upon, they will fly globally to solve a problem.

Solar powered electricity is the future

Without exception, every Bliss Mobil unit is completely electric (with exception of the Diesel Heater) and does not use any gas or propane for any device whatsoever. 

We believe that not just the future, but also the present should be electric. With almost ten years of experience in Lithium-ion battery technology, our units have travelled to the edges of the world without the limitations of traditional built expeditions vehicles.

Cooking, cooling and heating the unit occurs through the advanced Lithium-ion battery system which can be found in every Bliss Mobil.

Threefold heating system

Electric floor heating, a powerful diesel heater and the reverse cycle heating option of the air-conditioning provides a heating system with multiple back-up options.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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