Secured acces

Entrance door

The 60mm thick entrance door with its 3 point locking system is extremely secure. The lock is equipped with a custom cylinder cover as well as a courtesy light that is equipped with its own solar powered battery power circuit. The entrance door and garage hatches are locked by the same key. 

Safely secured to the steel frame behind the door, the robust folding stairs offer a comfortable and safe entrance. The stairs are assisted by a hydraulic spring which takes the majority of the load when operating the stairs. The stairs hinge inwards and can be safely stored inside the unit when on the go.

Another functional feature is the door stop. This ensures the door stays in a secure open position and gradually closes preventing it from slamming.

360° Infrared camera system

To monitor your surroundings, it is possible to equip your Bliss Mobil unit with four cameras. The camera system will provide a 360° view of the immediate surroundings of your vehicle. 

The optional camera system is equipped with Infrared technology, enabling you to see clearly in the pitch dark. This accessory is often used as a safety feature, as you do not have to leave your unit when you hear sounds outside. It is also a perfect way to observe nocturnal animals which may visit your Bliss Mobil without scaring them away.

The footage is recorded on a digital video recorder (DVR). The system allows you to watch camera footage remotely via WiFi using the complementary tablet, optional computers or your own mobile device. This is an optional feature on all models.

Keyless access

The smart door lock system provides easy mobile access. You can create your own digital locking system within minutes. It also allows you registered and controlled access using a tag which serves as the key.

Internal alarm system

The internal alarm system is an accessory that provides the user with multiple built-in sensors. These sensors detect movement inside the unit and will send out a warning through the mobile network, or by email. Alternatively, also the Iridium network can be used in case no mobile reception is available. The alarm system can be extended with optional accessories such as outside motion detectors, flood lights etc. 

Connection to a mobile network is mandatory for this accessory to work. An optional Iridium tracker is required to be able to use satellite communication.

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