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18 foot unit - Standard - Large Shower/Toilet

The 18 foot Bliss Mobil with a Standard large shower and toilet, interior provides you with all luxury and comfort from home. Even more so in this model when combined with the large shower and toilet of a 20 foot Standard model. The shower and toilet size increases with 125 mm, and the toilet has large bamboo cabinets, just like a 20 foot standard.

The large, fixed bed in the back is 1.600 mm wide and 2.000 mm long and comfortably sleeps two persons. Underneath the bed is a large and secured garage area that is large enough to store multiple, foldable bikes, outdoor gear, tools, sporting utilities and stock. If you prefer to have all your luggage neatly ordered, the optional Garage Storage Box System is a sensible accessory.

The kitchen is located directly opposite the entrance door and right next to the seating area. In this model the kitchen top is 1420 mm long, a difference of 130 mm to a 18 foot Standard. The well equipped kitchen is outfitted with a Fenix countertop, plenty of storage capacity and a multifunctional microwave. The two induction hobs and stove hood ensure that the kitchen meets all your cooking requirements. A large fridge and deep freezer also belong to the standard equipment.

The optional Kitchen Set, which includes pots, pans, plates, cutlery and glasswork truly completes the kitchen.

Underneath the large, U-shaped couch you will find the fresh water tank and double, Lithium-ion battery banks. The seating area can be easily converted into a bed by electronically lowering the table and folding the backrests down.

The lavatory and bathroom are separated with a glass door that doubles as a room divider when set at an angle of 90 degrees. This way, both the bed and the seating area can be used at the same time without bothering each other. Both the sleeping- and seating area can be equipped with entertainment accessories like televisions and audio.

An 18 foot Bliss Mobil Standard large shower and toilet offers all the comfort and luxury from home while you are venturing to the most inhabited places in the world. This model is compared to the 18 foot Standard, an upgrade, considering the large shower and toilet of our 20 foot layout. This makes this model the ideal combination between a 20 and an 18 foot unit Standard layout. Space and privacy are important factors when you are out and about for multiple consecutive months, and the 18 foot absolutely delivers.

Product Code: Z1891

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